Xenophobia: An analogy

Let’s imagine ourselves as infants that were born out of our mothers’ wombs wearing clothes that were ‘one-size-fits-all’. Because our parents were born wearing yellow, our clothes, too, were yellow in colour. Similarly, all the other cribs in the hospital featured babies with clothes that were exactly the same in colour, shape and pattern as […]

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Being ordinary is enough

The idea of a perfect life has been fed to us to an extent that anything that comes close to being ordinary becomes unacceptable. Even though we are fully aware that it is unrealistic and unattainable, we are all yearning to reach a constant state of happiness. We convince ourselves that once we get there, […]

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What makes a good writer?

What makes a good writer? For starters, a good writer needs to write as regularly and religiously as possible, without worrying about being ‘good’ for his readers. If you see, nouns exist because of verbs. Names have no meaning without actions that back them up. Identities are born because someone, somewhere laboured through pain to […]

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So if you really had to do it..

You see, The fastest track and field racer did not hear motivational lyrics from his biopic blaring in the background when he ran. What he heard, instead, were cheers for his opponents; voices of people booing at him from the stands. The greatest heavyweight boxer of all time was not alive to see his posters […]

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Small talk

In an alternate reality, I would be the perfect blend of an introvert and extrovert knowing not only how, where and when to speak, but also how much. I would know how to hold a conversation with my excellent knowledge of opening lines and ice breakers and for the sake of not appearing as dumb, […]

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A very short pair of shorts

A short while ago, I wore a very short pair of shorts to Shoppers’ Stop. What were my very short pair of shorts trying to say? What were my very short pair of shorts trying to communicate to the shoppers standing at a short distance, as I joined the shortest looking queue at Shoppers’ Shop? […]

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Don’t let that happen to you.

The world is full of people with decent, if not perfect vision wearing imaginary blinders as excuses to avoid opportunities masqueraded as distractions. Don’t let that happen to you. You’re not a horse, darling, you’re human. We were built to do several things at once- Hunt, cook, navigate, build huts, make fires, tell stories, tend […]

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Odd jobs

What is so odd about odd jobs? Imagine all jobs being treated alike! Have you ever thought, how it would be if odd was considered conventional? Maybe then, we would have a spectrum of equal choices to pick from. Maybe then, it would be okay to be unsure and much easier to change your mind. […]

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