If I was a man..

If I was a man, would I want to be me? Is it a no? A yes? Probably, I guess. To face the consequences of being a woman daily can be so exhausting, if you ask me. I think being a man would suit me perfectly. I would love to be the one least bothered, […]

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Loopholes in gender roles

If painting his nails makes him less of a boy and cutting her hair makes her less of a girl If stepping in the kitchen makes him less of a man and working late at night makes her less of a woman then your thought process makes you less human. your judgements show you have […]

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This feeling

This feeling, When the nib of my pen works its magic on a piece of paper like it’s his only friend- This feeling is homecoming. This feeling is intimacy. This feeling is a love story. It is warmth and long lasting attention. This feeling, is a good conversation. This feeling, When the nib of my […]

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The pioneer generation

We are the first generation In the history of humankind To shatter age-old stereotypes And acknowledge various gender types To question patriarchal mindsets That categorise women as the weaker sex We are the first generation In the history of generations To have a voice. We are the first generation of youngsters To have the luxury […]

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Dear conformist..

Dear conformist, I challenge you To pick up a ruled book And write your first sentence diagonally. That too, on page forty-two! Dear conformist, What if I told you To draw me a picture? Paint the sky green. Let the river be pink. And how about mountains that are a pale shade of blue? Dear […]

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What is this all about?

What is it to be ‘human’? Who made us all and this title? What is it about the way we can walk and talk? Is it an illusion? Or an imagination? It is scary, but it is surreal. Is it momentary? Or will it last forever? Oh, nothing lasts forever. Death will ring the doorbell […]

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I am happy

I am happy that I’m just 18 and there is a life ahead of me that I’ve yet to see. I can choose to be anything I aspire to be. I am happy that I have a family and that we continue to make memories. I am surrounded by people who believe in me. I […]

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