Don’t let that happen to you.

The world is full of people with decent, if not perfect vision wearing imaginary blinders as excuses to avoid opportunities masqueraded as distractions. Don’t let that happen to you. You’re not a horse, darling, you’re human. We were built to do several things at once- Hunt, cook, navigate, build huts, make fires, tell stories, tend […]

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Odd jobs

What is so odd about odd jobs? Imagine all jobs being treated alike! Have you ever thought, how it would be if odd was considered conventional? Maybe then, we would have a spectrum of equal choices to pick from. Maybe then, it would be okay to be unsure and much easier to change your mind. […]

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I write a little island

I think a deep blue ocean, endless and infinite. I write a little island, a fragment, uninhabited. You read on vacations; a trip to the island, once in a while. While there are many more islands, I am grateful that you chose to be here. You must also know However An island is not made […]

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With best compliments

One among my favourite things in the world are specific compliments. They are like personalised gifts that stay with a person longer than we think. Unlike a bouquet of flowers or a packet of chocolates, they are carefully curated, thought-out presents, which show that you know a person inside-out. Not that I have anything against […]

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The bloody tabboo

Not all women menstruate, but all menstruators are women. I am a menstruator and I am a woman- which means my uterus bleeds for five days, every single month. Not all women menstruate, but the ones who do, pretend they don’t Because when they say ‘Be proud to bleed’ They mean ‘Be proud in private’- […]

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If I was a man..

If I was a man, would I want to be me? Is it a no? A yes? Probably, I guess. To face the consequences of being a woman daily can be so exhausting, if you ask me. I think being a man would suit me perfectly. I would love to be the one least bothered, […]

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Loopholes in gender roles

If painting his nails makes him less of a boy and cutting her hair makes her less of a girl If stepping in the kitchen makes him less of a man and working late at night makes her less of a woman then your thought process makes you less human. your judgements show you have […]

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This feeling

This feeling, When the nib of my pen works its magic on a piece of paper like it’s his only friend- This feeling is homecoming. This feeling is intimacy. This feeling is a love story. It is warmth and long lasting attention. This feeling, is a good conversation. This feeling, When the nib of my […]

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